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Three new models in three weeks, not bad eh

28-10-15 The Talbot T26GS is finished and in production. Three new models in three weeks, not bad eh. I think this is a very pretty little model and fits in nicely with our other 50s Le Mans car. It is a fairly wide car and with our new design chassis it should not only look good but perform very well. And for a nice change it is blue, a bit different from all the red cars. In case you are wondering what blue it is, it is Ford Olympic Blue, which I think looks just right. I know some are going to say it is too light and an equal amount will say it is too dark. So by the law of averages I am right. Now it is on with the Corvette and if I concentrate on this one it should be more or less finished in a week or so. I am really looking forward to seeing this model finished and whizzing around our track. It is a big car so should go pretty well. Unfortunately we have a few rubber moulds to remake this week but it has to be done. It should not hold things up too much though. I attended the west of London swapmeet in Burnham just outside Slough last Sunday. Very easy to get to, just off the M4 and a nice venue. Hopefully a good show for the future. As a bonus no one annoyed me and we sold a few kits. Surprisingly the Allard is still proving a very popular car. The new Bentley was also very well received. I will only be doing the one version of the Bentley as one thing I have learned is that you do not sell any more models by sticking another set of numbers on it. Saying that I will be doing two Talbots, but the second one will be in the future and it will use a new casting. No rant this week, as it is late and I want to go to bed. So tough... Feel free to suggest topics for future rants, the more annoying the better.

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