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The second Gordini T16 is now finished and on the car page

04-02-16 The second Gordini T16 is now finished and on the car page. This is the 1954 French GP car driven by Behra. This is a different body casting with different exhaust and grill to the one we previously released. I have also sprayed this one Tamiya French Blue and it looks pretty good. The Cooper Bristol prototype is also finished and in the process of being moulded. With any luck it will be on sale next week. This first version is Hawthorns 1952 Belgian GP car. The British GP Hawthorn car will follow soon after. So what next? As mentioned last week, quite a few prototypes are under construction. I think I am up to 12. Most you will already know about but a couple I will keep secret. I am getting going on with the Jag XK120 Coupe. This will be a completely new prototype and not based on the Ninco model as I had considered at first. The more I looked at the Ninco car the more I disliked it. The XK120 coupe did not have a great racing history but what the hell, it will still look great. I guess this will take up all of February but I always have a couple of side projects. I am blocking the Jag out at the moment and I am going to take a photo every day showing its progress from start to finish. I have got quite a few Jags in the range now, this is a good thing as I like Jags. Mind you if I had a spare £35000 I would not buy a Jag, nor a BMW, Audi or Merc. Most new cars are very boring to look at, especially as most are painted black, silver, grey or if you are a really wild person who lives on the edge you go and drive a white car. I would buy an in your face, bright yellow new V8 Ford Mustang. I think it is a fabulous looking car. I have absolutely no interest in Porsches and Ferraris and if you read my news regularly you know my feelings about super cars. I think the world would be a better place with more Mustangs on the road, especially yellow ones. Unfortunately making toy cars doesnt pay that well so the 10 year old Volvo estate will have to do. This is not a moan, I do not moan, rant yes, moan no. I do a job I absolutely love and how many people look forward to going to work on Monday morning. Being a very shallow person, when I get an email praising my wok I feel all warm and fuzzy. 99% of the working population do a boring job, I am blessed to be able to do what I do. Ah well no Mustang for me.

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