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The racing Morgan and the modified D-type are finished and on the car page

25-07-14 The racing Morgan and the modified D-type are finished and on the car page. The Morgan is widened over the wheel arches and has a flat resin chassis, it is also upgradeable to use a Richard Mack laser cut chassis (RMC-009). This is my own colour scheme as I was spraying the D-type I couldnt be bothered to get another can out of the cupboard. I think it looks pretty good in Peugeot conifer... sorry British Racing Green, with its bright orange wheels. The normal D-type jags are still available but this new one has been slightly lowered to make it more racey (it isnt any wider, surprise surprise), with a flat resin chassis. It is also upgradeable to use a RM chassis (RMC-002). I have also been getting on with the Chapparal 2D and the Merc W125. The Merc is having its louvres put on and then the radiator grill. A few more odds and ends and it should be finished. Hopefully we will have pics of the finished prototype next week. The Chapparal is also coming along well. But I have an urge to make a maserati 250F, that scalex one is bloody awful. Oops, what I meant to say is that it could be better, ehem. We are off to Silverstone for the classic this weekend to drool over Mustangs and Maseratis. I guess we will have the odd beer and if I have sold enough models this week we might be able to afford a bacon roll. Not much track news, we are still in the process of installing the timing equipment and our pit area is taking shape. And not much will happen this weekend due to our Silverstone jolly. The urge to block out the maserati is just too strong... no cant... musnt... resistance is futile. Update: We have just received a shipment of Peter Seager-Thomas wheel kits which are now on the accessories page.

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