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The Mercedes W125 is taking shape

06-06-14 This week the Mercedes W125 is taking shape its certainly a good looking car and will make a good companion to the Auto Union. Even at this stage there is still a lot to do. All the louvres have to be put in, these are first done as photo etch and are inlayed in the model, this is fine for inward louvres but exterior louvres have to be put on individually, as are the rivets. This to some people could seem a bit boring, but I actually find it very cathartic. You become very relaxed, which is very handy because you cannot have any hand shake (you dont do this with a hangover). The grill, chassis, exhaust, cockpit and suspension bits plus bits of detail have still to be done so it will be a couple of weeks at least before the W125 is in production. The MGK3 mudguard version is now out of production. It has been a popular model but the moulds are knackered and it is not worth making new ones at the moment. It has not gone for good and it will likely be modified and improved in the future. Next week will be spent remaking worn out moulds. Silicone rubber moulds dont have a very long life. You can normally get about thirty castings, and the more detailed the model is the less you get out of the mould. The resin attacks the moulds and gradually they start to brake up, even when using a very expensive release agent (used to increase the life of the moulds). Also to make say a Jaguar Mk7 body, you use over 100g of resin to make a bodyshell which comes out at roughly 30g. So there is a lot of waste. Changing the subject slightly our track is taking shape and hopefully we will have it running this weekend. We have a lot to do but we are going to do it properly, with good timing equipment etc. We also have a kitchen we will no doubt become very important once the track is set up. And last of all another pic of our Ferrari 375+ which is now in production. Its a car that has been done before but so had the D-type which raced with the Ferrari, and that has sold very well. Plus my Ferrari is lovely.

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