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The Alfa Romeo 12C is finished

28-03-14 The Alfa Romeo 12C is finished and two versions are now on the car page, both cars are Nuvolari. There would have been two more versions but I got my numbers mixed up (knob), hopefully it will get sorted on the next decal sheet. It is a big, impressive car and makes the auto union look tiny. Of which, the Auto Union now has a third version available. So we now have three versions, all different body castings. The new one does not have the front fairings and I think it is the best looking of the three. The mini 1/24 project is taking shape, Mr Mack is developing a posh chassis and I am making a little bit of progress on the Vac body. I have also made a resin chassis for the mini which looks promising as a cheaper alternative. I think these little minis looks great and if people paint them up in pretty colours all the better. We also have a couple of new RM chassis on the accessories page. These chassis have proved very popular but we cant get many as Richard makes these in his spare time and has a proper job. So now onto new stuff. As usual I am behind with prototyping but next week I will be getting on with the Chapparal 2D, this will make a nice change from the 1930s cars. The 2D is a lovely shape, very curvy, how they went from it to the 2F is odd. Mind you the 2F is still a good looking car as well. Again it is odd that MRRC and Scalex have produced the 2F and there is quite a bit of difference between the two. I have the MRRC one and from what I can see it is pretty good.

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