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Renewing worn out mould


I have been renewing worn out moulds this week. The main remake has been the 1958 Le Mans Maserati 300S, it is now lighter and also modified. The main part of the engine bay is now part of the body casting. The best bit is that now the bonnet can be held on by a small screw. This screw hole is located in the water filler, so it can be covered by a small casting if showing off the engine detail. it also uses the new flat chassis and can be used in conjunction with a Richard Mack laser cut chassis (which should be back in stock soon). So not only is it a scale model but it will also go well. The XJS has also had some work done on it as have the A35s but more on that later.

The mike Hawthorn Jag Mk 1 is now moulded as can bee seen in the pic but will not be released for a couple of weeks. I will hopefully have one painted up by next week.

The Notchback Mustang will be out of the mould tomorrow (Friday), so I will have the first casting in the morning. Believe it or not I love going to work especially when a new car is coming out of the mould.

As you can see from the pic the artwork is done for the latest cars and is at the screen printers, lots of Galaxies and Mustangs plus a few others.

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