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Prototyping this week

11-07-14 Getting back to a bit of prototyping this week and I have finished and moulded a Merc but not the one you expect (the W125). It is a W196, now I know I have not mentioned this one but I started it and just kept going until it was finished, which is very unusual for me. Yes I know it has been done to death before but that doesnt stop me and we will be making a metal RM chassis it so it should go pretty well. This is the 1955 model and we will be doing three or four versions with at least three different castings. This one is Fangios Monaco and British GP car, but will be modified to Fangios Argentinian GP winning car and of course Moss British GP winning car. The last one is different from the others mainly because it was modified back from a streamliner. Also please dont ask what the wheel base is as the 196 had at least three wheel bases, depending on circuit so I am bound to be wrong somewhere. It is interesting to consider that when I am making a model of say a 1950s sports GP car because many were hand made length and wheel bases can vary, so what you read on wikipedia might not necessarily be right and as far widths are concerned, we all know I like to add a little bit in the middle. Still sorting the decals out for the 196 but shouldnt be too much longer. So I reckon we should have two new GP Mercs out very soon. We have also modified and moulded our D-type Jag to take a flat resin chassis and a RM laser cut chassis. This is the same chassis that is used in the Maserati 300S (which has already proved popular so just waiting on more stock at the moment). My super duper wide racing Morgan is also coming back, it fits on the resin and RM Corvette chassis and works well in both forms. We have also made a new MGC. Some people will hate this one as I have cut it in half, lengthways, and put a big lump in the middle. It looks great and should work very well. I think it is good to have a balance in the range, I do like scale cars but I do like to modify them now and again into good slot cars that still look very good. Most of the time the scale version will still be available. Our track is coming on, we should have the timing equipment in a couple of days and we are working on a website plus on the rigmarole of getting a club up and running. If anyone wants to come and have a go please feel free but email me first. I think we should be fully functional in about a month. That is the plan anyway. We have already had one visitor all the way from Australia. Good to see you Paul, hope you and your family have a good holiday.

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