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12-06-14 Not A lot of news this week as we have been remaking rubber moulds. This is probably the most boring job I have to do but it is very important. Next week will also be the same. But on the bright side we are off to Le Mans thursday evening for a long weekend to watch a bit of racing and drinking lots of Kronenburg. It will of course rain, as it always does when we go. Audi will probably win again but we usually leave on Sunday morning as we have drunk enough and bought lots of rubbish. Sorry I mean T shirts and hats and ate enough cheesy chips and hot dogs to clog up every toilet on the way back to Calais (there are seven of us)(Note from Joe: Thanks for that image Dad). It is strange, you would think in France the food would be excellent but at Le Mans it is bloody awful. I think it is because there are so many English there they need to feed us horrid stuff. But I guess most of us are a bit drunk so we eat anything. On the bright side there is nothing better than sitting up at the Esses in the dark Saturday evening with a beer and watching the cars swooping down from Dunlop bridge. There will be a couple of Corvettes racing and nothing is better than the sound of those big V8s. In fact if I had my way every car there would be a V8, you cant beat that noise. Lets face it the noise of motor racing at the moment, of Diesels and Hybrids (bloody Audis) is horrible. My favourite period was the 80s, group C cars, V8, V12s, Flat 9.5, screaming wankles. And lots of ciggy advertising which made the cars look really cool (I dont smoke). I think you could only win if you had a really good ciggy artwork. The classic group C race on Saturday is always good to watch and as my mate races his bud light Jag XJR16 it has an extra interest for us. His sense of direction is non existent so it is always a mystery to us how he doesnt get lost half way round. Its great to think a bunch of of blokes in our 60s can go to Le Mans and act like idiots and our kid come with us as well. Well they are not kids anymore. We are teaching them well. Changing the subject our track is up and running. Still lots of work to do but we are getting there. I have only one speed controller so racing is a bit one sided. But on the serious side I can now develop cars more. Chassis, design, wheels, tyres etc. I have already built up a couple of cars so more on that soon.

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