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Managed to get a lot of orders out this week. Hopefully most will be complete but one never knows. Still got a few more Mk7s to do but I am going to spend a few days prototyping. Trouble is I keep starting new projects. As you can see the galaxie is taking shape nicely, few more little mods to do then some artwork. Interesting to think it has roughly the same wheelbase as a Mk7 Jag, but I bet the old grumpies will not like it. Hang on arent I meant to be an old grumpy? Fortunately there havnt been that many annoyances this week. That said there was one thing. It doesnt matter how many times you put what scale a model is or how many times you say they are resin kits, someone will always ask what scale is it? Are they kits? and what are they made out of? Needless to say if you havnt figured that bit out... well too bad(sighs). Fortunately 99% of emails are positive and informed, most slot car folk know their stuff and I do get a lot of feedback and ideas. All photos are gladly received and add to my reference bank.

In this pic there is a cobra, not a particular lover of cobras but after widening and lowering it looks great and will make a good companion for the cheetah, my lowered version that is.

I must get on and finish the mk1 Jag, hopefully get a couple of days on it next week. I have also got to re make a couple of body moulds so that should keep me busy.

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