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New generic decal sheet packs are in

13-03-14 We have got our new generic decal sheet packs in. As you can see it has 8 roundels, 4 with black outlines and 4 all white. Lots of numbers and a good mixture of promo decals and some odds and ends. This is a 6 colour sheet, so not cheap to produce, but still very good value as you do not have to buy lots of individual sheets. And even better the first 50 come with a free G Turner Models decal sheet to make your models or cat or teapot look very individual. The decal pack is £8 (and dont forget our minimum order is £10) The Alfa 12C is finished but no pic until next week when hopefully we will have a resin casting. Then on with my next project. The first person to guess correctly what it is, what year and what race it won by next week will get the first kit free (Email only please and one guess at a time), the model should be done for Gaydon. The Cortina is done and the plain one is on a laser cut chassis and is very low but I like it. Obviously they dont have to be that low. When I get one sorted out properly I will get it on the car page. I have another little project under way. I am making a 1.24 vac form mini cooper which will run on an RM chassis. Richard is working on the chassis and I should have the body done next week. This could make a very interesting one off club car, very fast with good handling and we all love minis dont we. And I dont mean that bloody awful BMW thing that they have the audacity to call a mini. It is not a Mini! It is big and getting bigger and like all retro designs looks wrong. E.g. X type Jag, VW Beetle. Maybe the Fiat 500 looks ok but only just and they are getting bigger. Anyone who drives one of the new minis should be ashamed (says the man who drives a Volvo estate). Anyway back to slot cars the mini should be done in a couple of weeks and I am quite excited about it, even at 1.24 the mini is still quite small.

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