My Jag XK120 Coupe is nearly done

17-03-16 My Jag XK120 Coupe is nearly done. Most of it is moulded and hopefully by next week it will be in production. It would have been finished this week but as usual I got side tracked and I am in the process of making an XK120 roadster. I cut the roof off one of the castings and wagged in a load of filler and as if by magic a roadster appeared. I know ninco have made one but its a bit off looking. Mine is a lot different and should make a lovely little slot car. This version is a racer with no bumpers and will have a louvred bonnet. I think this version will fit in very well with the Coupe. I have also made a coupe version with rear wheel spats. So with any luck three new Jag models in production in the next week or so. The BRM is also taking shape nicely and will be on its wheels very soon. Bit of a tricky exhaust on this one but I guess if it was easy we would all be doing it. SO hopefully this one should be finished in a couple of weeks. The modified Ninco E-type Jag is also coming along nicely, not quite sure where Im going with this one but its looking pretty good. So whats next, well Im not sure. Lots of blocks ready to go, the Lotus 30 is very advanced but I have lost interest in it but that could change. I have two Astons blocked out, a Lister Jag and a Fraser Nash are also underway. The Frazer Nash is the favourite at the moment, but that Cunningham looks tempting. With these new models coming out we will be dropping a few cars from the range. The Maserati 300S is to be cut back to just the new racing version, the Alfa 158 and GP Lago will also be culled back and the 4CLT will probably go. Havnt sold one in ages. No rant on politics this week, if you want a rant you have to buy more stuff. Deal?

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