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Lots of stuff finished

22-08-14 Lots of stuff finished (almost) this week and being moulded next week. We have been very busy getting models completed and ready to be photographed but as usual we ran out of time so still a few to complete for next week. Over the next few days the new models will be going on the car page. Our decals have arrived at last and they seem to be OK. The Mercedes W125 will have four versions (two body mouldings and two radiators) we will be doing the 1937 German GP winner (No. 12 Carraciola), the 1937 Monaco GP winner (No. 10 Von Brauchitch), the 1937 Swiss GP winner (No. 14 Carraciola) and the 1937 Italian GP winner (No. 2 Carraciola). That Carraciola bloke was pretty good. The Mercedes W196 will also have four versions (three body moulds). There will be the 1955 Argentinian GP winner (No. 2 Fangio), the 1955 British GP winner (No. 12 Moss), 1955 British GP 2nd (Fangio), 1955 Belgian GP winner (I think)(No. 10 Fangio). That Fangio bloke was also pretty good. There will be three versions of the 8C released. The 1936 Hungarian GP winner (No. 24 Nuvolari) and the other two I cant remember there races, I should write this stuff down. I do like the Alfa 8C its big and I think nicer than the 12C. The body is subtly different with a slightly lower rear end and different exhaust. That concludes the scale model news. The Super Duper widened MGC is finished and I think it is great. It looks good and flies around the track (not literally, that would be bad). It will come with the No. 44 Mabel decals. This version is not an accurate representation but I am going through an orange wheel period. I will get over it with therapy (and beer). I have also remoulded the Wanglia with a new resin chassis and now it is even lower (you still have a choice of the skinny scale model or a low and wide slot car, both are very good). I am also starting a remodel of a plastic model, not saying what it is yet but no one has done it in this version. It will look awesome, very wide and still scale (mostly). Now back to building up new models and sticking bloody decals on. I hate putting decals on but it is a bank holiday this weekend so will have a day off, theres a novelty.

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