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29-09-15 We would like to make it clear and put all our customers minds at ease that all our models have passed all the relevant emission test in America and Europe. The three of us in the workshop, well that might be a different story. After a night out on the lash I know my emissions are off the scale. But as I am now considered a classic from the 1950s I am exempt from modern testing procedures. Richard, who I share the workshop with on the other hand isnt. And his fuel intake of jammy dodgers and bakedbeans has meant we have a serious environmental problem in Shoebury. It has probably caused the deaths or injuries of many people, mainly running out of the building and into the path of an Artic lorry. I have given up fighting this problem with a humble air freshener and now fight it with copious amounts of grey primer, though even that fails from time to time. The other morning when he came in... "Argh couldnt you have done that outside?" "I did" he said "it sort of slipstreams in after me." Joe on the other hand is much younger and his emissions seem under control or are they? Maybe he has a secret device fitted thats fooling us. Being serious(ish) for a moment, I do not believe for a moment that VW are the only naughty car manufacturer. As far as MPG and emissions are concerned lying bastards. "Our new Eco Boost Hi Evo Supergreen Turbo Diesel will do 60MPG urban and 84 overall." No it bloody wont, no one gets near the official figures quoted by the manufacturers its total bollucks. I suppose if they all lie it sort of evens out. If one manufacturer told the truth no one would buy that car. This does say something about some of the upper end of society, who show little care for the environment and the people they have killed and probably a lot of workers who will now lose their jobs because of the greed of a few. It is not all doom and gloom, it seems our PM is rumored to have allegedly stuck his winky in a dead pigs gob. All as part of some strange initiation ceremony while at Oxford. You have got to admit it is funny. He also smoked weed, well that is Ok he is human after all. I wonder if there will be any oinky noises made when he walks into parliament. Is it of any relevance? Not really there are a lot more important things going on in the world. Oh yes back to slot cars. I have sort of got my act together this week and have been a lot more focused. The Chap 2 is done and moulded, just waiting on the decals which are due any time. Also as I am waiting on the photoetching, so I will be getting on with the Corvette and when the P/E turns up I will finished the Bentley and Talbot. They should take a couple of days each. So October is looking good for new models.

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