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21-11-14 First off, we have some good news. We have had a delivery of RM laser cut chassis, not many but as Richard is a busy man but we have in stock chassis for the Maserati 300S, Lancia, Cortina and Jag XJS (I think I will knick a 300S chassis for myself, mind you I did that last time I had some in and I had to sell it. The specs are on the accessory page. We will be sorting out a metal chassis for the Chaparral 2D soon and maybe the Ferrari 375+ hopefully. The Nurburgring Chap 2D is finished and on the car page and the Daytona car is taking shape nicely. The Daytona car is surprisingly nice in my eyes and it had a wing, I like cars with wings. The good thing with this wing as well is that it wont break off (famous last words). I have done some work on the 250F but as with most models they always take longer than I first anticipated, but it is taking shape slowly (even slower after breaking it in two yesterday). I went to the Orpington swapmeet on Sunday, I like Orpington as it only takes me an hour to get there and it is a good show. Only one person annoyed me while I was there (well not annoyed so much as he is a nice Chap, but it did amuse me and those around). He began "I dont wish to sound pedantic." Which is a bit like when someone say "I dont want to sound racist" you know they are about to be, but in this case pedantry. I knew this subject would come up. "You do realise the LM Chaparral had taped headlights" (as mine do not) he continued. I was ready for this, yes you are right it did have taped headlights but what time did it get dark? "It depends on what day it was." Well I guess it would have been the day of the race, someone else added. Right, I continue, so they take the tape off when it gets dark and as it didnt konk out till midnight.... well you get the picture. Oh how we all laughed. Now unlike most people I take criticism very well (Note from Joe: Hahahahahahah!). But when someone does have a comment about one of my model as long as it is constructive I will always check it out. If you are right I will hate you, but I do take notice of what people say. Mind you forums can be very interesting. I dont get involved, just read, and thankfully most comments are very complimentary but the odd one now and again you just think, what a total knob. As you can imagine, this is a busy time of year for us and with the Chap 2D now in production we are a little behind with orders but please dont leave ordering to the last minute. Remember the nearer to Christmas and my Birthday (also in December) we get the more pop I will drink and the more cake I will eat. There are only two of us here so orders can take time. So as always please be patient. We can, for example only make 4 Chap 2Ds a day and we do not mould every day as there are many other jobs to do. It is a mystery to me how a model will not sell for a while then you get a spait of orders. For some reason the MGK3 racer is very popular at the moment. It is a great little car and with a lump of lead stuck underneath, handles very well. This is a pic of my one. It is surprising how grippy those narrow tyres are (from pendle), once they are trued up. I will be putting the K3 with mudguards on back in production in the new year.

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