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Gaydon draws ever closer

10-05-15 Gaydon draws ever closer. With a week to go I am now working on getting some ready and everything prepared. The Gaydon slot car show is the main show of the year for us slot car enthusiasts. So it is important to get everything organised. This means lots of moulding is being done and kits being prepared at the moment. You never know, some of the kits may have even all of the parts. Now here is a little gripe. I sell kits, similar to Tamiya and Airfix, but I know I am not as they are. But when people go into a model shop I do not think they say "Oh I only want the bodyshell can I just buy that, I dont want the other kit bits". However it seems, for some reason, that it is OK to ask a small manufacturer, like myself, to do this. It is not a problem you can have just the body shell but it will cost you exactly the same amount. I will even include the bits for free anyway, Im just nice like that. If you do wish to order kits for Gaydon please dont leave it until the last minute. These next few days are going to be very busy. Unfortunately I will not have the Allard finished in time, but I will have the Bizzarini, Porsche, Sebring 2D and the M6A done and for sale. I am also putting my Mclaren M8B back in to production. It will be modified and improved but more on that next week. Last Sunday we held our open meeting for 60s Saloon and GT cars. I think it went very well, we had a good turnout and some good racing. From my point of view I learned quite a lot which means I can improve my models in the future. In the GT class I cam 13th, with my 2D. More preparation needed, along with a faster motor and sidewinder set up is a must for our track. A Richard Mack chassis also helps. In the Saloon class a RM chassis under one of my Galaxies seems to be a winning formula. The big Galaxies do look good racing. This was our second race meeting and we are still learning, but we will be doing more. Most likely we will have GP cars next. Also a secret to a successful race meeting is lots of bacon and sausage sandwiches and free doughnuts. So a big thank you to everyone for a great day. I should have had the Bizz painted up by now, unfortunately I have had two goes at it and it has ended up back in the thinners twice. So it goes to prove I can be rubbish at painting sometimes, and I have been doing it for years. The Porsche, Chap and M6A are done and photographed though. We are also in the process of making a wheel insert for the Bizz, it is a bit tricky so Richard, who I share a workshop with, is doing it as hes clever. Now here is something that gets my goat. Listening to the radio the other day, and some bird is going on about the Badminton horse trials. The DJ says isnt it a bit posh? The lady replies no, no its not its all muddy and stuff... Oh come on it is posh, lots of range rovers, green wellies, champagne and very expensive horses. There is nothing wrong with something being posh, just dont say that isnt when it is. Us poor people do like to go to posh dos every now and again. The same DJ was talking to Matthew Pinson, the olympic rower. And the DJ says the same thing, isnt the Henley Regatta a bit posh? Old pinsy got on his high horse, no, no its not, he said. Oh do me a favour, of course its posh its called a bloody Regatta and its for racing row boats. Poor people dont have racing row boats. Not to mention all the funny caps and blazers. Same goes for Ascot and lots of others, they are wonderful english events. Not the Derby though, thats just full of drunks and women fighting. We were looking on the internet the other day at cars and I have now decided I am going to make a Jag XK120 Coupé. We thought that car looks posh and also very elegant. No car made nowadays is posh nor is any car the slightest bit elegant. Not even Rolls or Bentleys. And most people know my feelings about Lambozondararris (I bloody hate the things). None of these cars have any style or elegance. But I suppose if the main market for these cars is footballers and American rappers. Then what can we expect. Dont get me wrong here I have no problem with footballers earning the money they do. They are working class and have a talent that someone is willing to pay for. Dont quite get the rap thing though some nob wearing a fur coat in LA with enough jewelery to sink an effing battleship. Absolutely no style. Cool? I think not. Coolest man on the planet, in my opinion, is Eric Brown the test pilot. Anyway, elegance has gone. If a Rolls doesnt look like a bloody tank and do 0-60 in 4 seconds its considered rubbish nowadays. As far as cool cars are concerned, there arent any. For those of you who used to watch Top Gear (Har bloody Har), they used to have a cool wall and debated what car was cool and not cool. Sorry no modern car is cool (or elegant) and most have no style. It is, unfortunately, a thing of the past. Old cars can be posh, elegant and have style. I dont think anyone would argue that an E-type has all three. And as far as cool is concerned the Bullitt Mustang is pretty well there for me. As are 50s Rolls and Bentleys, of course. Especially Bentley Contientals. The list for cool, elegant and posh cars is vast but when did it stop. Because believe me it did and it will never return. Even Range Rovers have become too blingy. Even the friend of mine that is in that wealth bracket prefers discoveries, just as good but a little more reserved. Even the Royal Family drive Discos. What a shame though, I think it says a lot that Land Rover got Victoria Beckham in as a consultant for the Evoque. Give me strength.

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