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04-07-14 We have spent a lot of time over this week playing, sorry, experimenting with our cars and I think we are certainly making progress. It is fairly obvious that the RM chassis cars will work but we are having more success with the resin chassis cars that I thought we would. Adding lead has been the key. The Mini 24 has two lumps, one on each side with a total weight of approx. 38g. But this, as usual, is down to your personal driving style. The cobra resin chassis we have got working well and we will put notes on the Hints and Tips page. My favorite little car at the moment is my racing A35 with its resin chassis. Big wheels and a bit of lead make it great fun to drive. It may not be everyones cup of tea but it is a great little car. As a complete contrast the Galaxie is a completely different beast. Again great fun to drive but we are still working on it. The biggest surprise though was my Talbot Lago with an RM chassis. This works very well, even on its narrow tyres and it looks great too. So we will be looking at lasercut chassis for our GP cars. The Merc W125 is still taking shape but I am waiting for the photoetching for the Louvres to turn up. As soon as they arrives I can finish it off, still a fair bit of work to do but it is looking good. I have another GP car nearly finished but that wont be released for a while yet. At the moment I only have four prototypes underway. A bit unusual for me. I guess I will have to start a few more.

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