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Barney the cat has made a full recovery

27-02-16 I am sure you will all be glad to know Barney the cat has made a full recovery (my wallet hasnt). I will just have to work harder and make more lovely little car kits. Well I think they are lovely anyway and fortunately I have a few customers who agree. Unfortunately you can never please everyone, the thing is I am not really a model maker, I am more of a pattern maker. I love making the prototypes and getting the moulds made but I dont enjoy all the painting up and decaling etc. I am definitely no expert on this part of finishing a model, but I do my best to answer any questions or criticism. Fortunately virtually all criticism is positive. The main thing I have to explain is that it would be great to put loads more bits and more detailed drivers extra decals for drivers helmets, more photo etching and generally more complicated kits. But it is a compromise, I try to have a fixed price of £35 for nearly all models a couple are slightly more. The problem is there is only so much you can include for this price and stay in a position to afford food and beer, essentials, and bloody vets bills. Also these prices havnt gone up in 7 years. Believe me the prices of resin and materials have gone up. So hopefully we are giving good value. You also get a chassis and a lot of these have improved a hell of a lot over the past couple of years. I do try and race my cars after all they are slot cars and racing, I hope, improves the breed. The thing with a kit is depending on your own ability (and I mean you) can improve greatly on the standard kit and believe me some modelers do a fantastic job. Also we are now blessed with the internet with hundreds of images of any car and any race. Its all there for anyone to make a more accurate model. So what you get for your money is a very nice basic kit but there is always room for improvement. Please feel free to do so. Wheels and tyres are always an issue for contention. I can recommend wheels and tyres but I like to race so they may not be accurate, this is where it can be problem. If you have a small home track your needs are different to mine, if it is an accurate shelf queen different again. Help I try to give but in the end there is only so much. With a beginner and new to making a resin model help is always available. The Jaguar XK120 coupe is coming on nicely. The chassis is made, all the inside has been carved out so we have a nice thin shell and as you can see it is on its wheels. The next couple of weeks should see a lot of progress. The Ninco E-type modification are looking good this model is also on its wheels. The 1952 British GP Hawthorn Cooper Bristol is now finished and in production. Havnt got it on the car page yet as I need a set of wheels also the Mike Hawthorn driver figure is different to the spa car as he has a little bow tie. I attended the Milton Keynes swapmeet last Sunday and had a good day. Always a good show but it is a very tiring day. Up at 5.30 on a Sunday and once there you are on your feet until back in the car to go home. Then the hour and a half drive. Quite a few people asked about Barney and a few asked for the vets discount. But strangely enough I dont think they were really vets as I didnt see any Lamborghinis parked outside.

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