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Back to being sensible for a while

27-06-14 Back to being sensible for a while. Now we have the track running (sort of) we are getting cars going and testing them to find the right wheels, tyres, axles, motors, etc. We will go through all the cars in time and do the new cars as we get them finished. The first cars we have been testing this week are the Cobra, King Cobra, Cheetah, Corvette and Mclaren M1A, using both the RM laser cut chassis and the Resin chassis. On a wooden track the RM metal chassis are obviously going to work a lot better than the resin chassis and will also take a more powerful motor. The resin chassis need a bit of weight. We will be doing some more detailed write ups in the future. It has been very interesting for me to own and test on a wooden track. I have my favorite already and it is the Corvette. It just seems to work well. I do realise not everybody has the use of a wooden track so things like guides, motors and tyres will vary depending on the track you use. But we are tending to use Slot It running gear. We will have details more specific to each car in the write ups soon. I am sure being able to test the cars will improve the breed. It is obvious to me already that the resin chassis cars need to be worked on. The ones that have the facility to use a magnet (these have a round hole behind the motor) work well with the round magnet fitted. I know many do not like using magnets but I can supply them. These will go on the accessory page soon. I must say the ERA works very well with a magnet, but the choice is yours. I would also welcome any advice and tips from anyone who has a set up for any of my cars that they are pleased with and can pass on to others. Put it in an email and we will write it up (if you say nice things). On the subject of the track, still sorting things out. Taking longer than we thought but we will eventually get a club up and running. It will likely be called the South Essex Slot car Club and will be next to our workshop in shoebury, Deepest (Darkest) Essex. So more bits to be organised. We wont have any RM laser cut chassis for a couple of weeks as Richard has a couple of problem getting the steel sorted. But hopefully shouldnt be too long.

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