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Actually managed to do some prototyping

15-02-15 This week has definitely been more interesting, for me anyway. Actually managed to do some prototyping. As you can see the Iso Griffo A3C Le Mans car (1964) is back on the bench and well underway. It is a big car and with its flat sides will have a nice wide chassis. It is quite a wide car anyway. The decals are done so as soon as it is done it will be straight into production. This model has been hanging about for a long while so it will be good to see it finished. There is a good three weeks work at least still to do. I reckon each model takes about 150 hours work, that may sound a lot but I do try to get it right. Some days you come into work and look at what you did yesterday and think that is all wrong and redo it. A lot of people wouldnt bother but I could not live with it (hence I will not make my fortune yet). Also this week I have moulded the heavy weight E-type and it looks pretty good. Not everyones cup of tea but I do try to please most of everyone (I am so lovely after all). Hopefully my new decal sheet should be with me by the 19th of February, afterwhich we will have some new models to show and available at Milton Keynes swapmeet. As usual I did get side tracked this week. I was messing about with a Carrera Capri RS, nice looking model but a rubbish track car. So I threw away all the innards and built a nice new chassis, which is of course a bit lower. I havnt tried it yet but could be interesting. I will let you know next week. If it does work I might even mould it so without any modifications to the body you can have a decent Capri slot car. I have also started cutting and shutting a couple of other models but more on that in a week or two. Now I have been very brave, as anyone living in the UK must know my favourite programme is back on TV (ahh sarcasm). Yes Top Gear is back. I did try to watch it (know thy enemy and all that). Even though the advert for it made me feel a bit sick. I did try mainly because Daniel Riccardo was on it. A future world champion I have no doubt and a very nice chap. But it was no good I had to turn it off. I know it is a cliche but I will never get those minutes back. An absolute insult to intelligence. I just do not understand why people actually enjoy this complete and utter rubbish. It is on the same level as Big Brother and The Voice. Three total wankers sliding cars round an airfield and shouting a bit. Then a bit about ambulances... About as comical as a wart. I do realise it is only me because every body in the world loves Top Gear. I just dont get it, all three presenters are unbelievably irritating. A couple of years ago May did a scalex thing at a Brooklands swapmeet, making a track a round the Brooklands track. Did he mix or talk to people? No. But he did stand on the balcony of one of the buildings quaffing wine and waving at us plebs below. Arrogant Twat. I dont think he really had a lot of interest in slot cars. Anyway happy viewing. Now back to slot cars the Nuremberg toy fair has been on and MRE have sent some interesting reports nothing particularly interesting for me apart from a new firm, Vulcan. They are doing as Escort MkI, one of my favourite cars. I just hope it is better when in production than it looks in the photos which looks like a MkI and MkII love child. Nothing much Historic , the policar GP cars pretty damn good though especially the Lotus 72. Got to be better than the Scalex one. Not that I am biased of course. And anything SlotIt always looks pretty good to me. The Chap 2G looks very nice and the Nissan group C car will be on my want list. Right back to work. As an after thought I dont think anyone at Top Gear will be worried or interested in my rant. Argentinians rightly throwing rocks at them (oh what a lovely image that brings up) that is a bit different. Id have thrown more than a bloody rock.

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