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20-06-14 Well Audi won Le Mans again but I dont think anyone was surprised. We went down to Le Mans thursday evening and the one thing I like about the world cup (the only thing I like about it) is the roads down the Dover were deserted, as was the ferry. It was lovely. But that is when the drinking started and our last good meal for a couple of days. By the time we arrived we were hung over which is a good start! But nothing more Kronenburg and a croquemonsieur cant sort out. Mind you they are sort of horrible you need to be pissed to even consider eating one. I dont think they were exactly healthy either, unlike the beer which is great for you. Anyway we parked into the group C paddock which was great and the weather was glorious. Problem was we only had three passes for seven of us. So there was a lot of blagging are way and arm waving at security. Now why is it when blokes go away together on what is a basically a drinking weekend with a bit of motor racing thrown in, they feel the need to dress up in fancy dress (not us I hasten to add). Blokes dressed up as fairies, brides, tarts, school girls. Am I missing something. And it seem it is not just the English but the Dutch and Germans, every nation there in fact. And of course there was the football, yes even at Le Mans the Guiness bar has the football on and they also had a dedicated football bar. Anyway we had a good time, my mate came 5th in the group C race so he was happy. The corvettes and astons sounded awesome and it only rained once. This week has been spent remaking moulds and playing with our track. It is difficult to work with a big 6 lane track just outside your workshop. Its a hard life. We have constructed a camera car so we will be putting some film clips up and they are surprisingly good. The other good thing with having a big track this close is we can now test and develop our cars more. We have got a few running, some on RM chassis, some on resin chassis. We can also experiment with motors and tyres but more on that next week.

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