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September 2016

  • Internet explorer issues
    **UPDATE: Everything should be resolved now**   We have had a few reports of the horizontal navigation bar not appearing when people are using Internet explorer, making it diffficult to view the website...
  • The Great Burger Debate
    The great burger debate is finally and unequivacably resolved...
  • Running Gear Sets Now Available
    We can now reveal that running gear sets are available for the following cars, please check the product listings for more information: ...
  • How to use our new website.
    We have had a couple of requests for instructions on how to use our new website...
  • Who Noticed?
  • New Models Released
    Jaguar XK120 Le Mans (3 cars) Cunningham C4R Le Mans Aston Martin DB2 Le Mans 1950 MGB GT 1969 Sebring Talbot T26GS LeMans 1953 Embiricos Bentley No...
  • First of all
    First of all apologies for the lack of news lately...
  • Sorting out
    It is a strange time of year, everyone in the whole world is one holiday it seems and we sell diddly squat in July and August...
  • The artwork
    The artwork for our new decal sheet is well under way and should be finalized and off to be printed next week...
  • A couple of new items...
    A couple of new items this week which I hope will help a lot of customers who have problems getting running gear for our kits...

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