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Bedford CA Pick Up (TRU-303)

Bedford CA Pick Up (TRU-303)
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Bedford CA
Pick Up

An iconic British 50s van. Built between 1952 and 1969 as a light delivery vehicle.

Produce Code: TRU-303

Price: £45 

This kit contains:

  • Unpainted resin bodyshell
  • Resin chassis with inline pod
  • Resin front bumper, interior, driver, steering wheel, headlights with clear lenses, windscreen wipers, mirrors, door handles
  • Vac fomed window
  • Screws
  • Decals
  • Wheel inserts

The recommended running gear is as follows: 
(Not provided)

  • Wheels: PCS 15'' alloy 16x6x2 (PCS32166)
  • Tyres: PCS 19x6mm
  • Axles: 45mm 3/32 (will require some trimming)
  • Motor: Standard S-can (pinion on bell end)
  • Other parts: Pinion, crown wheel, guide, braid, cable, bearings 
Wheel base71mm

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