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Well that went well... too well


Ordinarily when it comes to our trade shows we make a bit of extra stock to compensate prior to the event. This weekend for the virtual slotfest was no different. The trouble is we never know what people are going to buy and as happens every time you all order the wrong stuff and go for the things we do not have a lot of stock of! So shame on you for buying so many of our kits, you should have somehow magically known which ones we had and bought those!
This means we (and I mean Joe) have now got a lot of kits to make up to get these orders done. We do not keep a lot of stock at the best of times (only so much room in a shed in the garden) and a lot of the stuff is made to order. So when we get a flood of orders like this weekend it can take us a little bit of time to catch up. With this being the case we thank you for your patience while we get all of these orders ready for you. 

We received lots of kind, positive comments over the weekend and considering it was organised very last minute I am very happy with the result. 

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