We have finished making our EE Transporter gearbox


We have now finished making the gearbox for the EE transporter, they will allow you to motorise the transporter and get it going round the track. 
They will be available with motor and gears etc for £25 or as just the resin pod for £5, which is not bad value in my oppinion. 

The Sunbeam Alpine is all moulded in resin, just need to get the decals sorted for it. This means we have the Sunbeam and Firenza nearly ready to go. I am now well and truly stuck in to the Maserati 151. With any luck it should be more or less done in the next few weeks. Then it will be on with the Lotus 19.

I have been looking at this Morgan three wheeler project and I think it can be done. I know people have done it in the past but these have been one offs and this will be for production, a totally different ball game.  

Also we have released our modified Edwardian Benz Racer, this one has the large running boards removed for a more sleek appearance. 

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