We are nearly there on the transporter


We are nearly there. The EE racing car transporter is almost finished. Hopefully we will be putting photos of the finished prototype up next week. Still got to sort a new gear box for it but that is in hand.  It was supposed to be done for the Gaydon festival last year but so it is a bit over a year late. I will have to buy a big tub of silicone rubber to mould this one. No more transporters after this one, they are a labour of love but I have run out of love. 

Now onto future business and a chance for you to give us your opinion. We are currently thinking about doing built and painted versions of our kits. We would like to know what you are interested in. Would you like them as they appear on the website, or muddied up to look a bit worn? Would you like them as static, trackside models/ shelf queens or ready to run? Would you want them in custom paint jobs? Would you buy them at all or do you prefer them as kits?

We would like any opinion you have on this to help inform us so we can make some decisions. As a customer what do you want? Thank you in advance, you can let us know via our email or in the comments section of  our facebook page. Just put "Built opinion survey" so we know to look out for it. 

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