The Mega Imp is back.


The mega Imp is back. Yes due to popular demand we will be reintroducing the extra wide Hillman Imp back into the range. I have modified and upgraded the chassis to use our inline pods and it will take Slot It 15x8 wheels with 1088 tyres on the front and appropriate tyres on the back to suit your track. I find 19x10s are good. I should have one finished and on the car page next week.

The 1938 C-type Auto Union is taking shape nicely, although it is a GP car it is wide enough for the chassis to incorporate an inline pod. A bit of an experiment but it should make a pretty good slot car. Auto Unions are a pain in the arse to make, lots of louvres that have to be done by hand. I guess I am getting the hang of them. The little short nose 1952 F2 Ferrari is also coming along nicely, did I forget to mention I was making another early 50s GP car. I just can't keep a secret. These two cars along with the Lotus 40 will not be released for a couple of months, but will probably be ready for Gaydon. 

I have just had a nice free sample of tooling board turn up. Big enough for a lot of models. I love free samples. It just makes a week when I have spent over £1000 on resin and rubber slightly less depressing. Our material prices have shot up recently.... Im sure its nothing to do with a certain event begining with B... But we will soldier on and keep remoaning. 

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