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The last news of 2020


This I think, will be the last news of 2020 and what a wonderful year it has been... yaaaaay.

So let us think of 2021 and what we have planned. Hopefully we will be making something you like. One model we did not manage to finish in 2020 was our Ecurrie Ecosse transporter, our intention was to have it ready for Gaydon Slot fest in May, but Covid changed all our plans. So my aim is to have it finished for May 2021, most of the hard work is done, only the clever stuff to do. As for cars, well some of you already know the Droop Snoot Firenza is done and ready to go in 2021. Baby Bertha is also underway, my first intention was to modify the droop snoot, but there is no chance they are completely different model so it will be from scratch. The wheel base and length is completely different, it is a very wide car and should look pretty mean. b

The Sunbeam Alpine is almost on its wheels, I will be doing Le Mans and rally versions and then the Tiger. The Maserati 151/3 is also coming along nicely and is on its wheels. Two little 1930s MG saloons are blocked out as is an Austin Healey 3000 rally car, this will be for later in the year. Three more Edwardian cars are underway as they have proven very popular this year. The Ford C100 truck is almost on its wheels  but I am not in a hurry with this one. Just blocked out a 1967 Lancia Fulvia rally and I am looking at another Maserati or two. Obviously I tend to go on tangents now and then so a couple of surprises will pop up.

So that is it for now, please keep safe and be sensible and have a good Christmas and Happy and hopefully better new year.

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