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The first news of 2020


The first news of 2020, and as Scalextric have announced their 2020 model range I guess it is only right we should announce our new models for 2020. Most of which you probably know but I guess I should make it official because as you know, I always stick to my plans (HAH!). 


  1. ERA re-release, with a few slight modifications to bring it up to date
  2. Eccurie Ecosse 1954 D-Type, Reims
  3. Eccurie Ecosse 1956 D-Type, Le Mans
  4. Mazda RX7 1981 BTCC
  5. MK II Lotus Cortina
  6. Vauxhall Firenza Droop Snoot
  7. Ford C100 Truck 1981
  8. 1907 GP Renault
  9. 1907 GP Fiat
  10. Group 44 Triumph Spitfire
  11. Cobra GT
  12. Austin Healey 3000 Rally


In addition to this we are working on another transporter, yes it is official the Eccurie Ecosse Transporter is underway, lot to do but it is looking good. Our Atkinson transporter is still on the cards. Obviously there are a couple of other projects but they are still in my head. 

My Circuit d'Nobby NoMates is up and running and we will be putting up a video of our cars whizzing round in the next few days.  

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