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Lots of running gear sets sorted out...


We now have running gear sets for nearly all of our GP, fifties sports cars and saloon cars. I still have to sort out the ones for the Imps and A35s and some of the 60s sports GT cars.

I have not been able to do much prototyping this week  as we have had to do a bit of contract casting but hopefully I will be getting on with the Alfa T33 next week. It may yet be done before Christmas  but it is little over a month before the big day and we do get distracted with the odd drink or ten. I mean there are all those parties we don't get invited to. Our GTM christmas party is legendary, we go absolutely  mad and have a biscuit with our tea, just wild.

The TWR Jag is back in the mould and will be back in production next week. This has proved a popular choice to put back in production. If you missed out the first time don't delay.

Here is a picture of a little cat. I still say its related to slot cars, you know Jaguars are cats...

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