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Gaydon approaching


Once again sorry for the lack of news. I have not been feeling to well so have lost a bit of work time. Hopefully back up and running next week, certainly not a good time to be ill what with the Gaydon slot car fest fast approaching. I was at the Orpington show last week, good show as normal if a little bit close to Gaydon. The model that outsold everything else was the Austin A40 (both versions). We had the Chevy Coe on show and they seemed to stir up quite a bit of interest. Interestingly we did not sell one single seater racing car (GPs etc.). In fact it seems this side of the market has died so after Gaydon we will have to rethink our game plan but I cannot see us making anymore single seaters for some time. I try to avoid doing 60s and 80s cars as that is other peoples territory. Out of all the pre war cars only the Auto Union and a few others have sold lately. So it looks like the little Ferrari 500 F2 will be the last single seater. I have been a bit stupid I must admit as I did make one or two F1 cars just to prove a point. One being the Maserati 250F as the scalex version was so bloody awful. The Cartrix one was slightly better. 

On the subject of Scalextrics and Hornby in general, at last the right person is in charge. If anyone can move it in the right direction it is Lyndon Davies, not everyones cup of tea but boy he knows his stuff. This is the best thing for Hornby and he will kick arse and stir it up which is what is needed. Scalex is still very important to the hobby of slot racing. It is how most people get started. Anyway I digress.

 By the end of next week our new decals should have arrived and I will be able to decorate a few kits up for Gaydon.

Remember if you have a particular car you would like to pick up at Gaydon, let us know and we will make sure we have it for you.


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