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The new Mclaren M1A is nearly done, and the Allard is also progressing

31-05-15 Two projects have come on well this week. First the new Mclaren M1A is nearly done, the body is moulded and I am spraying one up at the moment. This is the handling version. Now in the old days we did not say widened version we used the term handling, which I like. So from now on I do not make widened models I make handling ones. Ive had a bit of a Mclaren fest lately, but thatll be it for now. Oh and as the normal M1A mould is knackered it will be dropped for the time being (there are still a few in stock). The Allard is also progressing. Now I know you may find this hard to believe, but I can be a nob, this time it turns out I was making the wrong Allard. I was making a J2X as opposed to a J2. As everybody knows of course... the J2X has a much longer nose and slight different nose and a slight different rear end. This meant a lot of mods had to be made and now I have a J2. Hope it should be finished next week (honest). I am still considering which cars I am going to take out of the range. No firm decisions have been made but I think the A35s will go, along with the normal Anglias. The mould for the racing Anglia is finished so that is going for sure. The Lotus Cortina may also go. The D-type will likely go down to one version, that being the lowered version as it sells more. The Bizzarrini has proved very popular, I know it was a good looking car but it has surprised me how many people like it. The modified Porsche has also been popular. So if you have an order for one of these please be patient as we are a bit behind with the orders for them, but we should be up to date next week. In a couple of weeks the Colchester club are holding a race meeting for GTM cars, so I am building a couple of cars to race in the GP car section. I am going to be racing a D50 Lancia. Not the best choice but it will look good. The cars use the standard resin chassis but weight can be added. It is a great opportunity to race a couple in fairly standard form but improve them. My D50 has been lightened and lowered a bit and had a few bits shaved off underneath, but basically its all the standard parts. As is my second car which is the 1958 Le Mans Maserati 300S. Not the lightest of my 300S, that is the 55 LM car but again, it looks good and it has a lift off bonnet with engine detail. It is surprising when you want to race a car seriously, all the little tweaks and mods you have to do to make an average car into a faster car. Hopefully I wont come last. In any case anything I learn goes into my production models. These are after all, slot cars. So for the next week, as I mentioned, I will finish the Allard J2. But I am not sure what next, obviously I have projects underway but nothing is calling out to be finished. So I might start blocking a couple of new models. It would be nice to start something completely new. Hang on, what about the Jag XK120? Hmm.

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