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I watched a very interesting program on TV a few nights ago

28-07-15 I watched a very interesting program on TV a few nights ago on the making of some new light weight E-type Jaguars, these beautiful cars were made in the Jaguar factory by Jaguar employees from Jag parts and the chassis number carries on from the old light weights. But what a controversy these superb cars have caused. So here is my pennies worth, if it quacks like a duck, swims like a duck and its mums a duck, its an effing duck. But for a lot of people ts is not enough. Lord March, of Goodwood fame, came on and said they would not be allowed as they are not genuine, have no history etc. What an absolute snobby twat that man is. Does he not realise most of the cars racing at Goodwood are restorations and have very few original parts, some cars are made completely new from just a log book and a vin number. These cars are frauds, if you restore a car and put a completely new body on it from a restorer on an industrial estate, it is not original. How many Ferraris and Maserats have been restored in this country. I doubt they have many Italian bits in them. A couple of the Maserati 300S I have seen are bloody awful, they could have at least tried to get both sides similar. Going back to the light weight E-types, how many of the so called original cars have been restored, I reckon quite a few. And I bet they havent a lot of original bits left in them. I dont have a problem with restoration, it is a very important thing and to see a superbly restored car is a joy to behold. But I do think someone like Lord March should keep his mouth shut and try to have some perspective on such matters. It is not just cars, old planes seem to get the same treatment. They dig up a few bits of crashed Spitfire and next thing you know its restored, flying and up for sale for millions. Who are we fooling. I went to the Silverstone Classic on Saturday (hence the news being late as I had a bit of a hang over on Sunday). Looked at some cars then had a beer, looked at some more cars, more beer and thats how the day continued. You end up with car overload. A field of Ferraris, a field of Astons, a field of Lambos (Yuk), you get the picture. Then you spot a lovely little Frazer Nash sitting there and out comes the camera. Its these odd cars that make it worth while. Anyway by the end of the group C race it was about 9.30pm, we are over in the new Silverstone paddock and Status Quo are playing over the other side. It is quite a long walk when you are pissed. So my mate, who is also somewhat enebriated, says to another mate "Can we borrow your quad bike?" So off we go, two old white haired, drunk farts. Belting off, me hanging on the back for dear life. We had more beer, watched the Quo and they were pretty good. Funny to think the last time I saw them live was in 1971. Well as you can imagine the drive back to the paddock was interesting. A mass of drunks on quads and scooters racing each other back to the new paddock. Not a crash helmet in sight and all old enough to know better. It was fun but did I feel rough Sunday morning. Oh yes the Bentley is coming on.

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