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I have almost caught up with orders. I have also changed email addresses so if I have missed anyone please use the new email (on the contact us page). The ERA seams popular even though I have not officially released it. I have a few kits of the Ferrari 246 but no decals yet. So if you wish to have one you will have to buy the Decals from Pendle slot No. PSRD02. The kit is £30+£4pp which includes the resin chassis, suspension parts, driver etc. I will try and put some pictures up in the gallery soon. I am very pleased with this model.

I will be getting on with the Jag XJS, hopefully it will be finished by the end of next week, I will also put some pictures of it up on the gallery soon. I have also blocked out a Lancia D50, the early version. So I have a lot to get on with. Will be off to Silverstone on Sunday for the classic with my camera, so I will hopefully get some inspiration (and a few photos).

If you click on the gallery the boats section will come up first, scroll down the gallery categories and click on slot cars (not the cars section).

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