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Le Mans D-types, Merc W125, and I bought a Trumpeter 1/24 scale Ford Falcon kit

30-05-14 This week we have decals for the other two Le Mans D-types. This new decal sheet, allows you to do either the No. 12 car of Moss/ Walker or the No. 15 car of Warton/ Whitehead. Neither of these cars finished the race but now along with the No. 14 car of Rolt/ Hamilton (this Hamilton didnt moan and whinge quite as much as the modern one) you can make the complete 1954 Jaguar team. Might try and do all three Ferrari 375+ 1954 Le Mans cars. The only trouble with that is the No. 3 car has a head fairing and a different front end, so that will mean a different casting. Think I will hang fire on this one. The RM laser cut angle winder mini chassis is now done and available, got to sort out the running gear this week. Also the Vac Mini bodies are available at the amazing price of £5. I am now working on the Merc W125 so hopefully will be done in the next few weeks. But I fancy making a Talbot Lago T26GS Le Mans car. A blue car will make a change, have made my first drawings, this will be the 1952/53 cars. When I say drawing I think you would be supprised how basic it is, but it has all I need to make the model and usually they turn out all right (ish). We have laid our track out and hopefully we will start getting it sorted out over the next few weeks. Obviously there is a lot of work to do with all the electrics and timing equipment to be sorted. But we will keep you updated as it takes shape and put up the odd pic. When it is done we should get a club up and runinng. And an Inaugural opening event with lots of jelly and ice cream and maybe the odd race. Changing the subject slightly, I bought a Trumpeter 1/24 scale Ford Falcon kit. I fancy making a vac formed Falcon on a Richard Mack chassis. It is an interesting shape, not bad but I think the CAD monkeys must have wanted to get to the pub early. Either that or he doesnt know where the curve button is. All very straight and a good example of what happens if you rely too much on computers, as a lot of firms do. This makes me happy so I will stick to my file and pointed stick.

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